An Ode to the Idealistic Hopeless Romantic Soul

For anyone that suffers from being a hopeless romantic, here goes something I wrote two years ago:

I know what I want.
It took me a few trials and errors,
But I know what I want.
I want you.
I know what makes me truly happy now.
You make me happy.
Just thinking of you, makes my problems go away.
When I’m frustrated with the rest of the world,
I can always count on you to put a smile on my face.
They might think they know you, but they really don’t.
But I’m glad.
Getting to know you has made me appreciate you all the more.
Mannerisms that I used to think were flaws,
are now seen through new eyes.
To me they are not flaws anymore, but silly quirks
that I love being able to recognize.
It’s hard going on about my daily routine, knowing I can’t fully be with you.
Knowing that at the end of the day, I’m going to bed alone,
with no one to hold and kiss goodnight.
Knowing that it might be another two weeks until I see you next.
But I have faith.
I have faith in love.
I have faith that we’ll get our chance.
If there’s one valuable lesson that I’ve learned so far, from being with you
is that, patience really is a virtue and that I am capable of being patient.
A lot can change in a year, and things between us can change,
And if that were to happen, well, my heart wouldn’t be the same,
but I would be happy in the end,
just knowing how much you’ve changed me, for the better.
How much you’ve taught me.
How much I’ve learned, about life and love, about me, about you,
and about doing what makes you happy.
Life goes on, and no matter what happens,
I’ll never forget you because as they say,
One never forgets their first love.

-L. Silahísa



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