The Girl You Loved Is Gone


Thought Catalog

Today I got stuck in the pouring rain. My umbrella couldn’t take the wind, so I walked uncovered in the misty morning. I was soaking wet, and yet… I smiled. I even laughed about how beautiful life truly was.

It was in that finite moment that I recognized liberation. I felt alive in skin that was shedding a layer of remorse as each drop slid off of my arms. I knew I wasn’t over you. No, that wasn’t what this was. I was over the person who was in love with you.

So, I’m sorry to say this, but the girl that gave up all her dreams for you? The girl who only breathed if you smiled back at her? She’s somewhere in the puddles of the city you wander. She’s somewhere in another rainfall, or in the ocean you looked upon. She’s a droplet in the leaves of a…

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